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Can't Connect to the Internet? Here's what to do. Some simple and easy tips to help you get reconnected.

Posted by Nate Alekna on Mon, Aug 22, 2016

It’s a dark and stormy night. You sit down to binge watch 3 entire seasons of some obscure show no one has ever heard of, but you’re pretty sure it’s even better than “Lightbug”, which got canceled by Wolf News Network after its first season. Dread slowly sets in as the browser comes up with nothing more than an “Oops! We can’t seem to connect to the internet!” You aren’t connected to the internet. And you don’t know why. Thunder crashes.

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Free Small Business Software

Posted by Serges LaRiviere on Wed, Jul 11, 2012

If you are starting a new business and you are looking to keep cost down, or if your business is off the ground it's still a good to keep an eye on expenses. One way to achieve this and still keep your efficiency high is to watch what you pay for software. Instead of buying commercial programs for your business why not look into using a capable free or open-source alternative?  

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