About Us

Nrthampton Computer PC repair, MA windows, mac, linux support service

Northampton Computer Repair was founded to serve all of the people that are frustrated with being talked to in a language they don’t understand, being talked down to when repairing or upgrading your computer. Does this sound familiar to you? Does it strike a chord deep down inside of you? If so, stop in and say “hi”, ask us your questions, tell us your concerns and let us help you solve your problems.

We could go into a long list of things we do, using all of the high tech buzz words you don’t understand and really try to impress you, but is that really what you are looking for? That would be like going to an auto repair shop to get your car fixed and the manager goes into a 10 minute detailed technical description where every other word is in meaningless jargon (to you at least). By the time he’s done, your eyes have glazed over and all you really wanted to know is: “Can you fix it, is it worth it and how much?”

Welcome to the exception to the rule: Northampton Computer Repair. We are here to serve you, the customer, and will answer those three questions in terms you will understand. We are the only computer repair store in the area that puts our prices on our website. Why should a customer have to call to find out what a service costs, especially if you don’t find out until the work has been done already?! We pride ourselves in being transparent and will never do any work on any device without your permission.

Check out our online price list, call us, stop by to get your questions answered, or leave us your question here on “Ask-A-Techie”, we promise a real live person will answer you and work hard to solve your problem.

You can reach us at (413) 341-3571 or by sending us a message here.