In an effort to reduce the amount of e-waste our digital world creates, we want to do our part as much as possible to limit the amount of waste created when our devices fail. 

Due to changes in the electronics recycling ecosystem and the loss of one of our main reclamation partners, we have implemented a (maximum) $50 electronics recycling fee for any electronic device listed. We are now required to break down components into plastic, metals, and electronic boards ourselves before recycling, which is a tedious and labor-intensive process. 

Prior to the recycling/breakdown process, we can securely erase, delete and destroy any personal data from the device at no extra charge, so you will not have to worry about data security or privacy. (If you need a certificate of data destruction there is a $20 fee.)

Items we accept with our breakdown recycling fee:

  • Laptop/Desktop/All-in-one Computers  and Servers (PC/Non-Apple)
  • Apple Macbooks/iMacs/Mac Mini/Mac Pro systems built more than 7 years ago

Items we accept with no recycling fee:

  • Apple Macbooks/iMacs/Mac Mini/Mac Pro systems built less than 7 years ago (these have many components with re-use possibilities!)
  • Empty ink and toner cartridges purchased from us
  • OEM ink and toner cartridges, new surplus or used virgin cartridges

Please note we can no longer accept inkjet printers for recycling, and laser printers are accepted on a discretionary basis with a breakdown recycling fee of $50. 

[photo courtesy of Paweł Czerwiński]