Screenshot 2017-02-22 14.19.21 (Modified w Fake).pngTech Support Scams are a multi-million dollar industry, and they come in all shapes and flavors, but all seem to follow the same misleading script. They show you non-existent "problems" on your otherwise healthy computer and charge outrageous fees for either free, fake, or in some cases NO software to fix those "problems". 

Any REAL repair technician typically knows about these, and some of us have decided to fight back, because they give computer repair and remote support a very bad reputation. 

ANY website popup that tells you you need to call a phone number to get a problem resolved is probably fake and you should ignore them (they usually claim you have a virus, hackers on your network, or need drivers for something), if your screen or browser is locked, give us a quick call to walk you through closing the fake warning or error, it's not that hard and most real support companies can walk you through using task manager to close it.


Help us fight back!

If you encounter one of these errors or warnings with a toll-free phone number listed, we want that number! A screenshot or URL of the popups web address is always helpful also, if you can get that when you encounter it. 


Submit any information you have below and we will call them (a lot) in order to do a couple of things:

  • Record a video outlining the scam script they use and their deception techniques in order to publicly post this video
  • Waste their time to keep them from actively scamming others
  • Hopefully get enough info about their methods to report them to authorities, their web host, and payment gateways. This usually gets them shut down and makes it difficult for them to re-start the same scam

Tech Support Scam Submission