UPDATE: Non-profits who fund-raise through social media are increasingly becoming a target for social engineering/phishing attacks trying to gain control of their social media pages. Read more in a recent WIRED article.

Phishing and social engineering account for only 17% of data breach attack methods and only 4% of users will click a malicious link. That may not sound like a lot, but it only takes one to lose your company or organization tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in lost revenue, remediation costs or ransom payments. 

The good news is, phishing is a 100% preventable attack vector

We've partnered with leading security trainers INFOSEC INSTITUTE to offer a comprehensive Security Awareness training program for your small business.security awareness training avaialable - phishing prevention

  • Simulated phishing attacks designed to exemplify real-world attack methods
  • Custom attack strategies adapted to your workforce
  • Engaging, interactive education modules to help your employees recognize attacks and learn to avoid them

Engage your employees in security awareness training with an interactive program designed for active learning and optimal retention.

Reports of ongoing training completion and phish rates for individual employees are included with any battery of training offered. Ideal for small businesses of 3-30 employees. 

Security Awareness Training from Northampton Computer Repair

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