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Best Worst Inventions in 2016 & 2017!

Posted by Nate Alekna on Thu, Mar 16, 2017


So you may be wondering to yourself “Why do I have to get out of bed every morning and make my own coffee and drive myself to work? Why can’t the coffee make itself? Why can’t the car drive itself? Why do I have to stand up by myself?” Well the answer to all those questions is “Because someone hasn’t made a way to fix that yet.” We are slowly working toward our goal, however, with some of the greatest inventions mankind has ever devised.

Exhaust grill.jpgExhaust Beef

Take this Exhaust Grill for example. Roohollah Merrikhpour from Iran has made this ingenious device to save you time and provide you with s delicious savory meal with only a small amount of life destroying cancer. Cook your meat with Car Exhaust!


(Image used Courtesy of Gizmodo.com)

Pet Rock!c208_usb_pet_rock.jpg

On the other side of the shoe we have possibly the best pet a person could afford. A USB powered Pet Rock! Plug it into your computer and watch it do…. Rock…. Things. It can sit on your desk! It can hold paper down! It’s a great listener too. It wants to hear all about Linda from HR. She’s mean and nasty and no one likes her and one time she stole your sandwich! USB rock wants to hear it all. USB rock is your friend.


(Image courtesy of and Copyrighted by Thinkgeek.com)


Gasoline Powered Flashlight!

Have you ever been out in the middle of the night, searching for scruffles the lightly inebriated cat, and think to yourself “Man, this flashlight could use just a little more OOMPH. A little more bite. I want scruffles to know I’m coming. I want Scruffles to be scared.” Well here’s your chance! The Gas Powered Flashlight will brighten your day! Or more likely night. Fortunately, this is only a homebrew project at this point, and this madness hasn't had much time or money invested into it, but hey, who knows? Uber was a crazy idea right?



oombrella-Smart umbrella.pngOombrella Connected Umbrella

It looks like it might rain. You’re not really sure. You look out the door. There’s certainly water falling from the sky, but just in case you run over to your handy dandy Wifi connected umbrella to check and see that it actually is raining. This umbrella predicts the forecast and informs you of impending moisture related doom. This little guy is even clingier than a psychotic ex. It’ll call you if you get too far away and geolocate your umbrella so you never lose it again. (Image Courtesy of Wezzoo/Kickstarter)


Bluetooth Connected Pregnancy Tests

Firstresponse Pregnancy Pro.jpgEVERYTHING needs to be connected these days. The sticks have the typical interface on them, but they also connect wirelessly to your smartphone to entertain you while you wait for the results. Because, yknow, you need that. Probably. They’re also 3x the price of normal sticks.


Wireless Shoes!

Well, I can understand these ones. Sometimes your feet are cold and you want to spend $450 on smart phone controlled shoes that heat up your feet. They track your steps, they have automatic laces, they even have shock absorbers! Dang. What a deal.smart-shoe-1000x630.jpg


Amazing inventions are coming out every day. If you have an idea don’t be afraid to follow your dreams! Your gas powered smart shoes with built in toothbrush and fully programmable LED’s that flash along to the sick beats playing out of the built in speakers will be a hit at parties!  (Images are copyright of Digitsole, All Rights Reserved)


Drone build - Custom.jpg

You know what we do like? Drones! We build 'em, we fly 'em, and we think they've got a lot more potential than a USB Pet Rock. If you also love drones or quadcpter technology, Check our facebook group out! Join up!





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