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Why has my computer been locked? Is it this ransomware virus I've heard about?

Posted by Timothy Taylor on Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Why has my computer been locked?

   You’re working on your computer and an oddly worded message pops up with the words “Your computer has been locked”! After having a short panic attack you’re scared to read on but more importantly you don’t know what you should do next.

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The Basics of Backups

Posted by Edward Drummond on Mon, Apr 02, 2012

As a technician, one of the most problematic phrases I run in to is:

It’s gone and I don’t have a backup.

Each time I hear this, it makes me cringe, knowing that this tech solution could be an uphill battle. Regular backups can help save you trouble, stress, and more importantly, if you are a business, money.

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