Staff Profiles

With a professional team of actual human beings, we can help you save money, and help you save yourself from stress at the same time.




         Serges LaRiviere, President

    Serges LaRiviere started in the manufacturing industry in 1974 and became a journeyman Tool & Die Maker after completing a four year apprenticeship program. He went on to start his own machine shop in 1980 called Delta Machine & Tool, Inc with his brother. He sold the company in 2004 after many successful years to pursue other business opportunities.
    He founded Ink & Toner Solutions in 2006 as a startup and has brought his professionalism and deep understanding of manufacturing into this venture, which has served him well and has been instrumental in providing his customers with the highest quality ink and toner cartridges available. Ink & Toner Solutions offers individuals, businesses, schools and municipalities an eco-friendly alternative to the high priced ink and toner supplies on the market today by, recycling and remanufacturing existing empty cores and thus helping to save the environment. From a small startup offering mainly in-house refilled ink jets, the company has grown and now offers high grade ISO certified remanufactured ink jet and toner cartridges, Laser and Ink-Jet printer repair, and computer repair at our downtown location, or at your location, and expert advice on buying your next printer. We also have a very attractive plan for businesses to help them keep their printers in top working condition - call us for details.


Chris Allard Pc repair specialist and ninja

          Chris Allard, Store Manager & PC Repair Ninja

    Chris has been tinkering with and repairing computers since he was 7 years old when his family got their first IBM-compatible PC with a 640 Kilobyte hard drive in 1989. Ever since then, he has basked in the comforting, warm glow of computer screens as a freelance web developer, Social Media/Web 2.0 guru & teacher, and PC technician for many companies including his own business, Wicked Rebel Productions. He has an A.A. in Communications and has spent over 3 years training in Information Technologies as an apprentice. He has worked in retail and customer service for over 11 years and has won 12 awards for outstanding customer service in that time.

   If you have any problems with your computer or printer, Chris will start trying to fix the problem usually before you can get to ask him for help, because, well, he just loves fixing things. In his spare time, he plays guitar, does stand-up comedy, hosts his own podcast, and is a volunteer producer at Northampton Community Television, as well as continuing to build websites for fun. He has very little spare time as a result :)



         Tim Taylor, PC Technician & Sales Engineer

             A typical day dream for Tim consists of the serenity of a burbling brook in some remote wilderness, off the grid, and stripped of technology. An ironic fantasy for someone that is consumed with fascination by all that is electronic. His interest in computers was first peaked as a child. He fondly remembers his mom loading golf off of a 5 ½ in floppy for his sisters and him to play.

            A few years later, after receiving a custom built tower from a friend of the family, it clicked! With realization that if time and energy was put into it, he could also learn how to build a PC. The initial curiosity soon developed into a quenchless thirst for knowledge. Tim attended Westfield Vocational Technical High School with Computer Networking and Information Technology being his area of study. On top of receiving his CompTIA A+ certification during this time, Tim devoted effort to become proficient at networking. He considers the challenge of being able to accurately diagnose and rectify technical problems a strong suite, and takes pride in being his family and friends’ go to guy for all issues computer related.