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Have you ever wanted your own IT Staff monitoring your home PC?
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Get these features and more:

Checkbox "Forever Fast" monitoring keeps your device running fast!  

Checkbox The F8 key becomes your direct line to a real tech

Checkbox Detailed app crash reports and the tools to fix them


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Our Blog Articles

Which Online Storage Is Best For You?

A review of Dropbox One of (if not) the best options to choose from is Dropbox. Dropbox is sleek, elegant and reliable. It works well across all platforms whether it be Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, etc.  The servers are never down so access is always available. It is easy to install and...Read more

Which Online Storage Is Best For You?

The Cloud - Online Storage Options Over the next few weeks I will post a blog every week reviewing the most popular online storage options so you can make an informed decision about which online storage is best for you. Just quickly though.....the cloud? Much confuse.... The cloud is esentially a...Read more

Don't Use (some) Free Software.

Ok, it's apparent that many of our customers who bring in their computers do in fact have programs that either contain or deploy malicious code with the ability to do a whole range of nasty things. Below is a list of some of the apllications you should delete right now. The Culprits Every computer...Read more

Ask-A-Techie Articles

Did my wireless network get hacked?

Dear Techie, One day I suddenly noted that a device named "Dr. Phil" was on my list of devices. How did that happen? How can someone's device enter my PC?         -  Worried About Dr. Phil in Philadelphia     Hi, While the device shows as being a...Read more

Could Somebody Track My Location Using My Cell Phone's IP Address?

Dear Techie, Is it possible for someone to track my location if they had my cell phone's IP address? Someone I know asked me for it recently and I thought it was odd.   - Unsure in Idaho       Hi Unsure,   Generally speaking, yes, but practically, it’s not very likely....Read more

Can Someone Track My Location When I Send Them An Email?

I would like to understand if an IP address on an email gives away your location to an ordinary person, or a person with some reasonable IT savvy.  I was given to understand that a computer's IP address is embedded in a header somewhere in emails sent out.  If I am in city X and send out...Read more


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