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 We have this great online store up that lets you browse the full inventory of new laptops, tablets and printers available from our partners. Check it out and contact us for a "valet" experience to help you choose the right technology the first time.

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We also service Inkjet & Laser Printers in-store or at your location!

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Am I on the Internet?

  For 90% plus of Americans at any given time, YES ! Had a great conversation with a new customer today. His wife's computer is in our shop for a diagnostic and they called in today to add...Read more

  • get a faster better fresher pc with a freshstart hard drive!
  • Award-winning security and anti-virus, Kaspersky Labs partner
  • We're a partner and reseller of Lenovo, the #1 pc maker in the world!
  • Carbonite partner - the easiest most reliable cloud local backup service
  • Partner with WD Western digital data and storage solutions leader