LCD Screen Replacement & Repair

If your laptop LCD screen is broken, damaged or cracked during use, has dead pixels/lines, the picture sharpness is reduced, or the backlight is not working, don’t panic. We can fix it! Your screen is arguably the most important part of your computer, if it goes black all of a sudden, we can get you out of the dark with a new screen that will usually be much less than replacing your entire laptop.

Don't throw out your laptop because you're worried it will cost too much. It's usually pretty affordable*, and we can do it with the same speed and service we provide for everything. Let us know that you're having a problem and we'll ease your mind with a solution, with a price that you'll know up-front.

Important Note: If you believe there has been any water or liquid damage to your screen (or any part of your computer), contact us immediately! This is imperative, as any damage that occurs can become permanent the longer it sits, it is possible that repair may not be an option if the damage is too great.


Service Price Description
LCD Screen Replacement 119.99 Replace LCD screen with appropriate new LCD screen (cost does not include cost of the screen, contact us for a model-specific quote)


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Never let this scare you... We're here to help!


* Statement not inclusive of Apple and Touchscreen devices, these replacement screens tend to be expensive, but don't hesitate to check with us first, it's still usually better than replacing the device.