PC Setups

Let's face it, setting up a new computer can be a difficult task these days. Between all the updates you need to download and install to data you may need to transfer to your new computer, it is a hassle. We aim to make that process pain-free with our setup services. We will create the restore discs which will allow you to restore your machine in case of digital disaster, update Windows with all the security patches and register your warranty. On top of that, we have a-la-carte-style pricing for data transfer and software installation to make sure you get the most from our services.

Service Price Description
PC Setup (Basic) 39.99 Register Manufacturer’s Warranty, create restore discs, setup one user account, run Windows updates
PC Setup (Standard) 49.99 All of the above + boot optimization, create restore discs and install one piece of software (Customer must provide discs, media or download site and valid legal software license)
PC Setup (Advanced) 89.99 All of the above with an additional two pieces of software installed, junkware/trialware cleanup, customization and boot optimization
+Additional software 8.99 Add installion of one additional piece of software to any PC Setup  (Customer must provide discs, media or download site and valid legal software license) 
+Data transfer from old computer 49.99 Add a data transfer of files, documents, and settings from your old computer to any PC Setup

Otherwise, contact us for more info!For in-home or in-office services refer to our On-site services