Operating System Recovery

Selling your computer and want it to be like new?  Want to wipe your PC clean and start over with a fresh system?  An operating system reinstall can be the answer.  What we do is reinstall the operating system from either your provided CD/DVD recovery media or the computer’s onboard recovery software.  Once the system is back to “out of the box” condition, we run all the windows updates to help keep you protected once you start using it.  We can even help you create discs for many machines if you don't have them already to make the process simpler in the future. Contact Us for more information.


Service Price Description
Install Operating System 79.99 Install operating system from legal OEM or retail/open source OS media (Windows Xp, Vista, 7 or Linux based) (Customer must provide legal source discs or valid, legal product keys for Windows operating system)
Custom Configuration 49.99 Create restore discs or image discs for future recovery