Laptop DC Jack Repair

This is a frustrating problem to have: your laptop will work fine, but only if you hold it a certain way or wrap the cord around it twice. Or you keep getting warnings every few seconds that your battery is charging and then not charging, charging, then not charging. Don't let it drive you crazy, and don't let a repair shop tell you without looking at your system that they "need to replace the whole motherboard, and it's just cheaper or easier to buy a new computer." Most of the time this isn't true, the technicians you spoke to might not have the expertise to replace or repair your DC jack. Give us a call before you throw that laptop away or pay too much for a repair.  

Symptoms of a broken DC power jack:

      • The laptop only operates when you hold the DC power plug in a certain direction (DC jack is broken or loose).
      • The laptop only runs on battery power (no power is getting through the DC jack).
      • The laptop gets no power at all.
      • The laptop will not charge the battery.
      • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently due to a loose or broken power jack.
      • The laptop suddenly shuts off.
      • The DC jack may feel loose.
      • Sparks come out of the back of the laptop when you insert the power plug into the DC jack.


Service Price Description
Laptop DC jack repair 109.99 Repair one DC power input jack. (Re-solder loose or broken connection to computer board, replace if necessary. Replacement jack price not included.)

Contact us to see if your computer may just need a new DC jack. We can look at your system to find out and give you a quote if repair or replacement is possible. In some cases, however, a device manufacturers have made very difficult (or impossible) for just the DC input jack to be repaired or replaced by itself and replacement of the entire motherboard or a daughter I/O board is the only repair option. We are very familiar with most of the manufacturer's and models where this is the case and we will let you know before attempting repair.

List of known Makes/Models we CANNOT repair DC jacks on:

Dell (ALL)

Samsung NP-Series

HP Pavilion TX-Series